Chatting Policy

In order to entertain your inquiry, you may need to provide us the complete details.

Incomplete company details and yourself, chatting will not start.

Chatting is mainly available for English language, For Arabic speakers mainly talking Arabic language  can  directly call the hotline.


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How it works?

  • Click Chat Support icon from our website sidebar.
  • It will bring you to a different page, enter some required informations in order to log in. 
  • Copy and paste the following requirements needed and don't forget to fill it all in order to entertain or chat you live.

Additional Information

Please note that there are some inquiries that we could refer you directly to one of our adviser and consultant via hotline support. 

We do our best to respond your concerns whenever possible unless the inquiries may require to pass first to one of our consultant or adviser to discuss further or could possibly the need for meeting in person.