Reasons To invest In Qatar With Confedence

Energy Powerhouse

Possessing for more than 200 years of proven natural gas reserves and substantial oil resources expected to last 25 years, the state of Qatar’s crucial long-term position in fueling global growth is clear.

Economic Miracle

With surging global energy requirements causing record growth rates and no sign of demand slackening, Qatar holds a central role in the world economy.

Government Support

The State of Qatar is a rapidly growing nation and those who want to invest in business opportunities here will be pleased to know the Qatari government is taking every opportunity within its considerable power to encourage foreign investment.

Highly Developed Infrastructure

Qatar benefits from a modern transport network of roads, parts and international airports that guarantees swift connections to all areas of the country.

Thriving Private Sector

Recognizing that a thriving private sector and well-functioning markets are key factors for economic growth and sustainable development, Qatar’s private sector will be the main driver of economic diversification through development projects in petrochemicals, finance, real estate, manufacturing, industrial and other sectors.

Knowledge Based Economy

Qatar supports the application of knowledge as a key source of long-term economic growth by dedicating 2.5% of national GDP to Research & Development projects , reflecting the  increasingly important contribution of Qatari organizations who acquire, create, disseminate, and use knowledge more effectively for greater economic and social development.

Attractive Incentives

A full and active member of the World Trade Organization since 1996, Qatar is one of six neighboring states who form the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), a powerful Customs Union offering free trade between members, unified 5% import tariff for non-members and exempting a wide range of goods such as foodstuff, medicine, books, industrial raw materials and other goods from all tariffs.

As Qatar bids to expand its infrastructure, the country welcomes overseas participation in joint ventures and offers a series of attractive incentives such as:

  • Natural gas priced at a nominal rate.
  • Electricity at a nominal rate.
  • A developed infrastructure.
  • Industrial land at a nominal rent.
  • No custom duties on imports of machinery, equipment and spare parts for industrial projects.
  • No export duties.
  • In addition Qatar offers the following benefits for expatriate workers and investors:
  • No income tax levied on salaries.
  • Excellent medical and educational facilities.
  • Easy access to global destinations with first class air and sea connections.
  • State of the art telecommunications facilities.
  • Liberal immigration and employment rules to enable import of skilled and unskilled labor.
  • Economic liberalization measures have been introduced to encourage inward investment. In the pursuit of developing a strong private sector with an enhanced industrial base, the Qatar Development Bank (QDB) provides loans at competitive rates of interest.

Visas and Work Permits

Qatar’s expatriate holders of work visas can; 

  • bring their families to Qatar
  • register for a Resident ID Card
  • enroll children in variety of schools
  • obtain a health card 
  • obtain a driving license
  • Work visit visas are valid for one year and are renewable

     *A 14-day business visa - extendable for up to 3 months - is issued to visitors who come to Qatar for business or investment purposes.

Tax-Exempt Free Zones

Establishing a business entity in one of Qatar’s Free Zones can be an attractive option for overseas investors. To date the free zones have been successful in attracting a large number of companies and foreign direct investment, as well as expanding non-oil exports. The major advantage in setting up in a free zone is that you are entitled to:

  • Incorporate a local company, or operate as a branch of a foreign company
  • 100 percent foreign ownership
  • Trade without local agent or sponsor
  • Sponsor expatriate employees
  • No taxes
  • Duty-free import of goods and services
  • Unrestricted repatriation of capital and profits


Qatar Free Zone

Law 6 of 2006 established the first free zone in Qatar; a 10 square kilometer region in close proximity to Doha International Airport authorised for the following activities: Small and medium clean industries, medical industries, maritime industries and high-end industries, Electricity and desalination plants, telecommunication and data technical industries service providers,  accounting, auditing, tax, legal and consulting, Financial and investment consulting, Company head offices and business management offices, Media, entertainment and tourism businesses; and Cargo, transit and storage businesses.

           Qatar Science and Technology Park

Qatar Science & Technology Park is a ‘free zone’ for technology-based companies from around the world.

The objective is to accelerate Qatar’s knowledge economy by attracting companies and entrepreneurs from all countries to develop and commercialize their technology in Qatar. Till date, there are 32 companies are members and among its prestigious residents are Microsoft, ExxonMobil, GE, Vodafone, Shell and Total; bringing research and business together, while spurring the development of Qatar’s knowledge economy.

Skilled and Motivated Workforce

In keeping with its commitment to establish the Gulf’s first knowledge-based economy, Qatar offers an exceptionally well-qualified workforce to meet investor demands. The demand for professionals is increasingly being met by world-class higher and further education institutions that turn out more than 7,000 well-educated graduates each year whose skills are closely aligned with the needs of Qatar’s major economic sectors.

Exceptional Lifestyles

Positioned at the heart of a rapidly developing region with the highest per capita income in the world, Qatar is a wealthy country where ambitious corporations and entrepreneurs enjoy an exceptional lifestyle.

  • Doha – the pearl of the Arabian Gulf - offers year-round sunshine and five-star luxury along with the adventure of a unique Arabian experience in one of the fastest growing cities in the world.
  • Qatar’s shopping malls offer high-end boutiques, cinemas, local and international brand restaurants, and family activities including ice-skating, bowling and amusement parks.
  • Relatively free of crime compared to most other countries, visitors and residents generally comment that Qatar is an extremely safe place.

Today Qatar is developing a just and caring society based on high moral standards and capable of playing a significant role in the global partnership for development.

Land of Endless Opportunities

Among the countries in the Middle East, Qatar offers one of the most promising business opportunities in the foreseeable future for multinational corporations. The state has embarked on billions of dollars’ worth of investment projects and has developed a world-class infrastructure. In the last 20 years, political and economic stability have been achieved through serious and pragmatic measures and reforms that are aimed at facilitating economic growth and foreign investment and involvement. Qatar, with its numerous competitive advantages, becomes an obvious choice for investors. Qatar’s wealth of natural resources, its strategic location and its well-developed industrial, financial and telecommunication sectors have all the ingredients for a successful business venture.

Healthy Financial Markets

Qatari-owned, including six commercial, three Islamic and the specialized Qatar Development Bank. In addition, two Arab and five foreign banks are represented in Qatar.

Qatar National Bank is the largest Qatari bank and the first national bank to be established.

The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) is a financial and business centre established by the government of Qatar in 2005 and located in Doha to establish Qatar as an attractive environment for a wide range of financial services in the Gulf region.

Qatar Exchange was established in 1995, the Doha Securities Market (DSM) officially commenced operations with 6 listed companies in May 1997. Since then the exchange has grown to become one of the leading stock markets in the GCC region. In June 2009, Qatar Holding and NYSE Euronext signed an agreement to form a major strategic partnership to establish the DSM as a world class international exchange, and provide NYSE Euronext with a valuable presence in the Middle East. The DSM was renamed the Qatar Exchange on the conclusion of the deal.

Long Term Vision

Qatar National Vision 2030 defines the long-term outcomes for a country united in its commitment to strive for progress and prosperity. Below is a selected extract to give you an understanding of its aims and beliefs.

Charting economic and social progress in modern societies depends on a clear vision and a strategy about how to get there. Wise political leaders know the direction in which they would like their societies to develop, balancing the interests of present and future generations.

Qatar National Vision 2030 builds a bridge between the present and the future. It envisages a vibrant and prosperous country in which there is economic and social justice for all, and in which nature and man are in harmony. We need to galvanize our collective energies and direct them toward these aspirations. Strong Islamic and family values will provide our moral and ethical compass.

The welfare of our children and of our children yet to be born, demands that we use our resource-wealth wisely. Qatar must continue to invest in its people so that all can participate fully in economic, social and political life. Qatar must invest too in world class infrastructure to create a dynamic and more diversified economy in which the private sector plays a prominent role. This requires continuous improvements in the efficiency, transparency and accountability of government agencies.