The Restrictions by the law for organizing expatriates and their residence in Qatar.

A) Restrictions on visitors and Residents

  • Breaching of labour contract.
  • Working with other than your sponsor.
  • Staying in the country without valid residence permit.
  • Remaining in the country without renewing residence permit.
  • Absconding from the sponsor and working elsewhere.
  • Entering to the country illegally.
  • Remaining in the country after the expiry of your visa.
  • Not departing the country after completing the period of visa for what it was issued.
  • Work without permit and violating the aim of the Visa ( For those on Business Visa).
  • Working while on Tourist Visa.

B) Restrictions on Sponsors:-

  • Lack of taking any procedure to issue the residence permit for your employee.
  • Making Delays in renewing residence permit of your employee.
  • Allowing your employee to work with another sponsor .
  • Allowing labours who are not under your sponsorship to work with you.
  • Lodging or veiling any absconded or illegal labour.