in Advance


Business Visa

      Business Visas allow Non-Qataris to conduct business and work in the country on a temporary basis. There are two types of business Visas: 

  •  72-hour Business Visa – This visa is issued on arrival, and is extendible for a further 72 hours. The visa is suited to those who wish to visit the country on short-term business trips. Applicants are required to carry proper documentation proving the purpose of their trip. 
  •  Business Visa – This visa is available for new expatriate workers and persons conducting short-term contractual work in Qatar. The visa is valid for a maximum of three months, and must be arranged in advance by an approved company or institution operating in Qatar. 
Tourist Visa

       Residents of the 33 approved countries may obtain a one-month Tourist Visa upon arrival. It is valid for one month and cannot be extended. 

Official Visa

      The visa is valid for one month and can be extended for five months after medical tests and fingerprints. 

Transit Visa | Seamen's Transit Visa

      If you plan to stop over in Qatar temporarily (up to 24 hours) on your way to a destination, you should apply for a transit visa before you travel. The visa is             valid for 24 hours and allows you to leave the airport transfers area to stay in Qatar. The Transit Visa is also handy for workers whose job requires a short             stay in Qatar, for example, seamen and truck drivers passing through Qatar. However, a Transit Visa is not acceptable for general business visits. 

Return Visa

      If you, a member of your family, or a member of your household staff, have stayed out of the country for more than 6 months and your residency is still               valid and you have prior approval of entry you can apply a Return Visa.