on Arrival


Joint Tourist Visa

      Residents of the 33 approved countries may opt for a Joint Tourist Visa upon arrival that will allow them to travel freely between Qatar and Oman. It is valid         for one month and is extendable for another month. For more, click here.

GCC Resident Visit Visa

       GCC residents of approved professions and those accompanying them may obtain a one-month GCC Resident Visit Visa on arrival or through a Qatari                  embassy. The visa is renewable for an additional three months. Applicants should carry proper documentation proving their profession. For more,                          click here.

Visa for those Accompanying  the GCC Residents

      The visa is provided for those accompanying the GCC residents upon arrival at the Doha Internal airport. For more, click here.

Visa for those Accompanying the GCC Citizens

      This visa is given for those accompanying GCC citizens such as residents or maids on the personal sponsorship of GCC nationals upon arrival at Doha                   International Airport. For more, click here.

Visa for Newborn Babies

      This visa is provided to new born babies (outside the state) for residents of Qatar to proceed with their residence permit procedures. For more, click here.