Starting your Business in Qatar has never 

been easier 

and because of that we offer a one roof service solutions   

tailored  For You



Boundless Business Solutions Specialists is a general business services provider equipped with one-roof solutions for your entire Government Liaison service requirements. Established to offer you hassle free services in dealings with all the complexities of the procedures, processes and transactions in the local authorities. Our services are tailored for all sectors regardless on sizes. 

Boundless Business Solutions Specialists can thoroughly guide and completely assist all your  needs  start with finding the right local sponsors for your company or joint ventures,  feasibility study/ business plans, government liaison services, company formation, immigration, labour, civil defence, municipality, and the rest of all authorities services, transactions, processes, clearances and much more. 

Once the formation of your company is completed in Qatar, you will require the services of a Local Service Agent to represent and liaise you in various ministries, departments especially in Labour and Immigration Departments as individual will not be allowed to represent your firms on your behalf. 

Boundless Business Solutions Specialists provide start up and existing local companies with complete services and related transactions to Labour, Immigration Departments, ministries and all of the rest of authorities’ services.

Boundless Business Solutions Specialists is an invaluable resource in helping Locals & Foreigners acquiring approvals, permits, licenses, classifications, certificates, registrations, visas, labour quotas and much more  at the aimed to save time, stress free and minimizing cost.

Boundless Business Solutions Specialists can handle all your ministries transaction and formalities on your behalf to let your firms concentrate mainly on your core business. 

Boundless Business Solutions Specialists can offer you a contract handling and managing all your Labours, Immigrations transactions and the rest services of government that your company may definitely need from time to time. 


Our services mainly focus in providing an end to end immigration & government liaison solutions.   We act   as your   Local Service Agent and a reliable partner to  acquire all  approvals, permits, licenses and visas for you,  representing  and liaising all types of Local  companies  dealing with    complex  procedures and critical   processes, transactions and          clearances in all  governmental   bodies such ministries,   departments and the       departments and the entire public sectors in general.


We are group of proactive, professionals, efficient, highly    experienced employees delivering a hassle free services  for you,  saving your  time and minimizing costs.


Be the leading establishment services in Qatar that delivering a complete solution for locals and foreigners’ in setting up their companies, acquiring visas, permits and residency for their labours, representing them in immigrations affairs and all the rest of local authorities’ processes, transactions and clearances.


To provide our clients a one roof solutions allowing them to  concentrate on their core business enhancing their profitability  and productivity while we take care of their most complexities  concerns associated with dealings of governmental   transactions,  clearances and processes.